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The American Injury Alliance Team

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What makes our providers different?

American Injury Alliance was formed with the idea of working with multiple providers across all different spectrums in the medical field. Why would a patient ONLY go see a chiropractor after an accident? Why would they ONLY go see a Medical Doctor? Why not work with all sorts of providers, who specialize in a variety of treatments and who are willing to work together to get each patient the care they require?


These are the questions that we tried to answer with the formation of American Injury Alliance. Our network started off working with a small group of Arizona Chiropractors and Pain Doctors who wanted to have a team that could manage and handle all the care that Personal Injury patients could need. This helped to transform these clinics, bringing in more and more patients who knew they were getting the best care possible, and being seen by the best provider required. This idea was expanded and continues to expand, with more and more Chiropractors and other providers joining the Alliance to work together to help patients throughout the United States get the treatments they need. Click HERE for locations in Arizona, and HERE for a map of our where our Clinics are located.



Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

We understand that it can be difficult it can be to find relief after a car accident. That is why we our team can help you every step of the way. We will work with your attorney or insurance adjuster to get you the treatment you need by providing medically necessary treatments for the injuries that you sustained in your accident. Whether you are only needing a few conservative treatments, or a surgery, our team of American Injury Alliance providers are here for you. Call us today!

We will work with your attorney

Are you currently working with an attorney? At American Injury Alliance we love working with Personal Injury attorneys. We know that our patients need legal guidance and counsel and as such we are willing to work with any attorney you have. If you are needing assistance in finding an attorney, our team can give some options or suggestions to help in your search, but we strongly suggest finding the right fit for your specific needs. Even if you decide you do not want to work with an attorney, our team will work with your insurance adjuster to make sure all records are sent over in a timely fashion. Our team works hard in making sure the services that we provide are second to none and are always willing to help answer our patients' questions. Call us today!

Meeting with a Lawyer

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