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Pain Management


The Medical Physicians and Pain Doctors of American Injury Alliance are all specifically trained to deal with issues that can arise from a motor vehicle accident. For new patients, a Medical Examination includes both neurological and orthopedic testing will be assessed by your Physician to hone in on the areas of chief concern after a workplace injury or car accident. These tests will isolate injuries in your soft tissue, such as muscle sprains and strains, to the joints and ligaments of your spine and extremities. They will also assess your brain after a traumatic injury, especially if a concussion is likely. If you have positive tests, your Physician will be able to direct you where you need to go for the right care and treatment. 


Sometimes medication is needed to help our patients recover from their injuries. But don't worry, our Doctors do not prescribe harmful Opioids or other habit-forming narcotics. These prescriptions are designed to assist your recovery utilizing natural treatments. Oftentimes these medications will be to reduce the amount of inflammation or to help with relaxing the muscles in your body that oftentimes spasm after an injury. If you have any questions or concerns about receiving prescriptions, feel free to discuss with any of our American Injury Alliance team.


Another option for some patients will be to receive Trigger Point Injections. These treatments are done by injecting small amounts of medicine into tight muscles to help reduce or eliminate painful trigger points. By reducing these trigger points your treatment length will be reduced as it will help with "holding" your adjustments and will assist with the physical modalities you are assigned. 



3D Scans

Other common pain management treatments provided by our American Injury Alliance Pain Doctors are Spinal Epidurals and Radiofrequency Ablations. During an Epidural, a highly trained Pain Management Medical Doctor will inject some very specific medication into your spinal column that is designed to decrease your bodies inflammation that is due to trauma from an accident or workplace injury.  A Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA for short) is a procedure that involves an electrical current produced by a radio wave that can heat up affected nerves in a very specific area. This can reduce pain long term allowing for conservative treatments, such as chiropractic, to treat the patient without the pain causing complications.

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